Madrid Is Good, But United Is Better

TimelineAlways and ONLY United!


Jealous Liverpool Scum Bags ~ Faggit!!!!!

Can’t wait until we completely embarass Liverpool so all these fans who are so up their teams arses shut up. Such a wanker! Doesn’t no shit about football and yet; been bias.

SAF Is Considering Making David Gil His New Keeper

…bt b4 u tink SAF is goin bananas, he’s nt talkin bout d league leaders’ 55-yr-old chief executive bt an 18-yr-old @ Atletico Madrid wu’s his near-namesake. Gil, a Spain U20 international, is under contract at Atletico until 2015, bt Utd scout Martin Ferguson has been trackin him. D youngster’s agent, Julian Cuevas, said: “David’s dream is to mk d Atletico 1st team.We’ll leave movements up 2dem

Training Ground Bust Up: Mancini Vs Balotelli

There has been a training ground bust up photographed today at our Noisy Neighbours, where Mancini and Balotelli have been in the wars again. One onlooker reported that after Mario made a bad tackle on Scott Sinclair, Mancini reacted furiously and grabbed him by the shirt before ordering him away, further fueling rumours that Mario will be leaving City this January.Ahhh priceless City.